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is a passionate presenter who resides between the Kahnawa:ke reservation in Quebec and New Mexico and was born for the Bear Clan She is a high school teacher by trade who has a BA and an MA in Educational Studies from Concordia University. As well as conducting the aformentioned seminars, she also presents on First Nation’s History including educational issues. Other topics include the different aspects of small business management and economic development. 


Konwatsi’tsawi was selected as one of the 230 leaders in Canada to attend The Governor General’s Conference 2012 as a First Nation’s delegate from June 1-15, 2012.She personally handed the Governor General the “100 years of Loss”* Residential School Edu-Kit so that there may be some changes to the Canadian educational system. This was given to him in hopes that all Canadians become aware of the tragic history that has so long been hidden from the Canadian public’s view..


V.I.S.T.A. Seminars has consulted with the following Tribes and Nations:

Anishnaabe, Haudenosaunee, The Crows, Dine, Oglala Sioux, Mig’mau, Nez Perce, SanFelipe and Zuni Pueblos of the Southwest. (NM,AZ)

Kwatsitsawi received her Master’s Degree (MA) in “Educational Studies” in 2003.
Researching anti- Inuit & Indigenous specific policies & laws 
Later working with Tribal nations across Turtle Island (North America) she realized the specific detrimental effects which were revealed.
It was clear that the US & Canadian government’s Indian residential school (IRS) policy had a “master plan.” This research was a necessity for her MA thesis requirement.
During her research with the Tribal nations she & they discovered so much more: The solutions!
Presenting to North America’s First Peoples of the land she shared her research which includes the policy’s clear intention & how it negatively affected the Indigenous and Inuit children Who attended, Their children, their future families & the Indigenous & Inuit communities at large.
Also researched was the “effects” it had on the non-native staff and Canadians at large.
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