V.I.S.T.A Seminars

Vision Improving Self-esteem Through Awareness


V.I.S.T.A. Seminars Primary goal is to offer workshops and seminars to help North America's First Peoples regain their sense of self-esteem and self-worth through interactive, motivational sessions.


A secondary goal is to enlighten all other peoples of the

continuing, vibrant traditions of Native North Americans

and their present day dilemmas.


"I am the Most Powerful Person in my Life"

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is a session which enables participants to look at themselves and their "awareness" level of their behaviors. We will discuss many aspects such as Career, Family of Origin and other important issues we need to deal with to take care of our own "self" in a good way.

What does it take to be a leader? Are only elected officials leaders?

Should we leave all important issues at the Council tables only? This workshop will examine what it takes to be a "well" leader, nomatter what age or stage of life.


Deals with the origins of self-esteem. How can we obtain and maintain positive selfesteem.

This seminar deals with the attainment of self-esteem and how we can move towards a sense of empowerment sothat we can truly accomplish anything!


Positive Lifestyles

Personal Issues


Deals with the realities that many of us

have been born into. Unfortunately, not many of these 'ways' have been 'our' ways. In this session, we will discuss what we can do to regain our ability to transmit our own culture, language and traditions as well as how to remain focused on these ever important teachings in a "contemporary' world.


WHAT IS WELLNESS? It is a concept, an

attitude, a lifestyle. Many of us live a life of

havoc, chaos and dysfunction and we believe this is "normal." This workshop focuses on relearning, unlearning and reversing the pattern of repeating chronic, often, obsessive behaviors which prevent growth and wellness.

Discussion will encompass taking control of

our own problems as individuals and as

community members.


PARENTING: Many of us don't want to parent

our children exactly how our parents raised

us. Yet, we often hear their voices coming out

of our very own mouths! Together, we will

work on a plan for limits, discipline and

spending on "hip" clothes and "fashionable"



SEXUALITY and TEENS: Encompasses

discussion and awareness of self-control, birth control and decision-making in their lives.

Anonymous questions are encouraged if they

are shy about disclosing sensitive subjects.

Encouragement to say “NO” is examined

through role-playing.


SEXUAL HARASSMENT: In this day and age

of so much sexual exposure it may be, often

times, unclear to many what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in the workplace.


This workshop will look at different state and

community codes and laws for sexually

appropriate guidelines and practices in your

particular state and/or county.



people of all ages in becoming comfortable

and knowledgeable about their bodies and

sexuality. Too often, we become sexually

involved with someone before we understand

our limits, likes and dislikes.


STAFF RETREATS: In this full day seminar, we will learn what constitutes a healthy

organization and workplace. We'll discuss how

to communicate ideas and deal with conflicts

in a timely and proactive fashion. We will also

look at examples as to how to make our

workplace an enjoyable, productive place.



North America, we often gather in our

traditional circles, or in much larger

conventions. Many of us would like to address

some issues brought to the floor but may be

unsure of how to address these issues

effectively. Whether you are a novice or

"expert' public speaker, this workshop will

bring you creative ways in which you can

communicate in an empowering, motivating yet respectful manner. We will discuss how to

make our butterflies in our stomach "fly in

formation" so we may bring our message to

our audience in a powerful way.


I Am the Most Powerful Person in my Life






is a passionate presenter who resides between the Kahnawa:ke reservation in Quebec and New Mexico and was born for the Bear Clan She is a high school teacher by trade who has a BA and an MA in Educational


Studies from Concordia University. As well as conducting the aformentioned seminars, she also presents on First Nation’s History including educational issues. Other topics include the different aspects of small business management and economic development


Konwatsi'tsawi was selected as one of the 230 leaders in Canada to attend The Governor General's Conference 2012 as a First Nation's delegate from June 1-15, 2012.She personally handed the Governor General the "100 years of Loss"* Residential School Edu-Kit so that there may be some changes to the Canadian educational system. This was given to him in hopes that all Canadians become aware of the tragic history that has so long been hidden from the Canadian public's view..



V.I.S.T.A. Seminars has consulted with the following Tribes and Nations:

Anishnaabe, Haudenosaunee, The Crows, Dine, Oglala Sioux, Mig'mau, Nez Perce, SanFelipe and Zuni Pueblos of the Southwest. (NM,AZ)






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